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And so Zassek along with Dogmeat and the Corsair Squadron head towards the devastated planet and observe the Horror. Everything was destroyed, even the planet's geography is entirly modified, dead Worms and people, Fremen and Imperial troops, all dead, everywhere. Zassek steps out the Corsair and starts walking on the cold sand. He despratly yells if Anyone is out there. Suddenly someone shoots at him but misses, Corsairs immediatly fire, they were flying above Zassek. Whoever shot that laser was eliminated. Zassek runs towards whoever fired and finds a lonely trooper who is now dead due to the Corsar fire.

"A survivor!!?" this means that some of my men may have survived!

Zassek immediatly asks for observers to enter the planet and scan the area, he is filled with hope but stays pessimistic on the number of those who could have survived...

"Fremen survivors found at following coordinates, transmitting. Number of total Fremen survivor is estimated at 3260 persons. Number of total ennemy survivor is estimated at 290 persons. All are Scattered in different areas of the planet. Fremen presence is higher in deep underground zones "

"Underground? That means they used the Worms! God bless these beast! 3260? But that means that millions have died...this is horrible"

Zassek, along with the help of Zealots and Observers conduct a search and rescue. The Corsairs take care of the remaining ennemy ground troop. The first surviving Fremen is spotted:

"Over here!! We're over here!!"

Zassek is full of Joy as he meets the first group of survivors, the emotion is deeply present:

Zassek's search party continues seeking for more survivors with the help of Dogmeat's sent, heading to the areas the Observers indicate and staying out of the surviving worms activity. Not all can be saved, some Fremen are buried alive deep inside the sand and are unreachable. The only thing Zassek can do is pray that they have a quick and painless death.
Zassek spots an old freind, it's Keylex!:

"It is good to see you are alive my dear Zassek, we've suffered so many losses. So many have died in such a insignificant moment..."

Keylex went on, revealing all the horror to Zassek. He told him how they knew what was going to happen when they spotted an extra moon in the sky, how they managed to survive using the worms to reach the deep desert undergrounds and how some even let themselves be swallowed by these beast, knowing that they would have a better chance of surving within it's mouth. But all who did this lost grip and got swallowed. Thank god for the deep worm tunnels, those were the only refuge that could wistand a chance against the Death Star's destruction...
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