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Deac mediates:

So, I have allied my loyal Fremen with the new Protoss. My powerful new allies came from no-one, helped me, and have yet asked for nothing in return...why? Yet I believe I can get more help...the destroyers will want what I can offer them

*Deac then opens a huge distance comlink using a subspace node and a box marked "Etak". A large image of an alien with three lower legs, and two on the top side of its body appears*

I have what you want...

We need nothing...

I have a way home for your people.

Give us that or die!

If I die, it will go with me. Use Knossos portal 34 to get here, and bring as many ships as you can.

We're on our way...Master

*Deac looks out of his window...a subspace portal opens, and a Sathanas Juggernaut arrives.*

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