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[oos Coruscant is in the hands of the New Republic, the battle was fought over an outlier world. These events occur shortly after the Maw Installation Incident in the Jedi Academy series. This goes as if Cracken, my char, is the Leader of the Empire as of now /oos]

*Cracken stands at the bridge of the Yamato , which is is dry dock at Kuat. The Eclipse Class Star Destroyer now hovers above, guarding its brood. Kuat is busy with massive construction orders, and a new Imperial Mark II Class Star Destroyer now floats serenly out of the dock. COnrtsuction droids work at peak efficancy, working at all hours, crews drilling and preparing. An officer stands behind Lord Cracken, shaking.*

Officer: My lord...
Cracken: yes.
Officer: we have reports. an unknown person claiming to be a Sith lord has wished to meet with you.
Cracken: I know. I have seen it. bring him to me, give him every curtosy. He might have knowlegde of our enemy, and will prove to be a great ally.
Officer: at once, my lord.

*The officer hurried out, and Admiral Kirda walks up beside the Dark Lord*

Kirda: Sir, we have uncovered science documents and research on clone technology from the Clone wars. We believe we can implement it's used in our army and navy.
Cracken: proceede at your discresion.
*Admiral Kirda stays by the Lords' side*
Cracken: Something else, Kirda?
Kirda: Sir, prelimenary sensor scans to the battle area show a new destroyer class vessle may be in bound. We have no records of it's make or techonology. It could be unfor...
Cracken: This new ship bothers me not, I have come across the one creature that these new invaders fear. The Zerg, they are called, and through the Force, they are aware of us, and are coming. it's only a matter of time.
*Cracken waves the Admiral away, and Kirda walks off, puzzled. He knows better than to cross the Dark Lord of the Sith. for it would be his undoing.

The Dark Lord senses teh Zerg. They are now on the outer rim of the galaxy. soon.. revenge shall be his. soon.*

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