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*Activates Sub-Space tandsmittor*
*Notices about the resurve power meter was low*
*kneels down*

Grendal: "My Lord"

Cracken: "Yes, you clam to be a lord of the Sith?"

Grendal: "No, My Lord"

Cracken Sends his Gaurds out of the room: "Tell me Who Are you?"

Grendal: "My Lord, have your forgotten me?"

Cracken: "I believe I have been occupied for the time being, Tell me About your Origins"

Grendal: "The Sith that you have Sucessfully eliminated but your self some Five-Hundred year ago. Then made a Force of Elite Soldiers attoned with the name Sith which you, yourself sought to the effectiveness..."

Cracken curious: "But this was 150 years ago, I would have thought that it might have been disbanded"

Grandal: "No it hasn't, infact we recived orders to this planet that a un-predictable force would arrive. Then it was just then amist of our battle, i sensed your presence and then a Jedi like presence, felt weaker then yours, then the disturbence..."

Grendal in shock: "How meny..."

Cracken: "Never mind about that. Whats done is done." *Getting anxious* "Who are you warrior!?"

Grendal: "You dont remember? I was your fir..."

*Transmission was cut due to power loss*

Cracken standing infront of his transmiter, falls to his knees thinking that Man was still alive?
The very few beings who'd Cracken created from his own Dark Side Force Power, Him alive?
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