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[Scarface2k2, avoid taking the places of the other players. what I mean is avoid doing actions or talking for other players...unless Cracken has no problem with this, Cracken?]

The search party continues on it's race against time to save as many Fremen they can, even the Desert sand storm doesn't stop them. Zassek kept thinking of everything that had occured and couldn't imagine what would have happened if he hadn't called upon the Protoss. Suddenly he remembers the refuge his ancestors had built! The Vaults! They were 25 in all but only 7 were preserved: Vault 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 13 and 15. Maybe some of his people were in there!

"Observers, scan for underground Vaults located on the the following coordinates. Transmitting data now. And give status report."

"Only 3 vaults were succefully detected: Vault 5, 13 and 15. The others were destroyed.

They immediately heads towards these Vault and are content with the discovery of more survivors even if they are not much, about 30 per vaults. The Vault survivors explaned that there wasn't enough time to fill the vaults as they were obliged to seal it before it was to late. They said that they could hear desperate cries and fist banging on the Vault's Seals, but they could do nothing for them. It was an unbearable thing to witness.

The Search was partialy interrupted due to MIA Zealots. Zassek's opinion on this was that they were swallowed by some Sandworms. But the Fleet Executor wasn't satisfieds with this explanation and order some Carriers and Scouts to teleport in the planets air space and help in establishing a new Colony.

"Xesson, I now give you responsabilty of the planet. Find a stable and secure area so we can teleport a Planeterial Plasma Shield Generator (PPSG) in the planet so it can be fully protected and not fall apart. And I want solid answers on the MIA Zealots. For Adun!"

"For Adun Executor."

Xesson sends yet more observers to cover the whole surface of the planet in search of a proper location to establish the new colony and to alert of all unusual surface activity. Once the most optimal zone is found a great number of Probes are teleported in the area and Teleportation of the basic buildings can begin. Every Probe has it's own task as each of the Probes internal computer are filled with its specified data :

"Probe 1 Teleport succesfull. Teleportation of Nexus has begun ........................... ..................................... .................................. .................................... ........................... Teleportation of Nexus Completed. Teleportation of first Pylon has begun. Teleportation of second Pylon has begun. Teleportation of third Pylon has begun. Teleportation of first Pylon completed. Teleportation of fourth Pylon has begun. Teleportation of second Pylon completed... "

Other probes take care of different areas and start teleporting Gateways and Photon Cannons more Pylons and of Course the PPSG.

Meanwhile the now smaller but more protected search party continues its goal with the precious help of the observers and the Corsairs watching over them. They rarely encounter Imperial survivors, these survivor see no point in fighting and surrender.

In outerspace the alien lifeform appearance creates confusion within the Protoss fleet:

"By the great power of Adun's Gaia, what is this?! Prepare to strike BUT wait until they do the first hostile move, it isn't because we do not know them that they are our ennemies. Observers, begin scan."

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