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Scarface, pm me about the stuff with your history and what it has to do with me so i can better co-ordinate my plan. THANKS]

*Cracken now strides the Bridge of the new Flagship Akira , the Eclipse Class Star Destroyer. using the original plans, his techs modified it so it's larger than the Executor class, with more firepower and more fighter and heavy weapons space. It's main prize was it's Superlaser, concealed in the hull very carefully. The unexpecting enemy would not notice untill it is too late, and the Superlaser would rip through them. The Super Laser itself was more powerful than any Death Star could rpoduce, running off of a seperate reactor system than the main drives of the ship, enabling it to recharge faster, and fire harder.

With one of his creations running amok in the galaxy, he pondered how he would move next. A sense in teh Force piqued his interest. the Zerg. They found a home system planet, and were growing.*
*This conversation takes place completely through the Force*
Cracken: Overmind, i sense you have found a planet and have started producing your minions.
Overmind: We have, and are pleased that you have alerted us to the Protoss presence. You Galaxy is rich in recources too, and we find it benificial.
Cracken: yes, of course. You have the co-ordinates of the Protoss fleets, correct?
Overmind: we have processsed them , and gearing for war.
Cracken: Excellent, we'll alert you when to move.
Overmind: Yes. of course.

*The Zerg. He heard that they were not to be trusted. No matter, he could destroy that planet thrugh the Force if they got out of hand. The Dark Side was strong with him, and he grew stronger every day, like a leech grows on a human.
He only hoped the unstable Elite Guardsman did not grow as much as he himself did. Cracken hit the com*

Cracken: Hojo, status on the Accellerated Clone Program
Hojo: Excellent, my lord. We should have our first troops in the day.
Cracken: keep me updated.
*he cut the com abruptly. He began formulating the attack plan.*

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