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Duel of the Fates - With a good Maul character in single player would be stunning. Maybe you play the role of Obi Juan?

Obi from EPII and I need to be made. As well as some of these classic remade levels need to be well.. REMADE.. as in

Battleground JEdi seems like they got it right but too small... same problem with the current Oasis.

One of the good maps of MOTS was the Luke's Tatooine home, and the large spaceport level with multiple hiding spots... good maps!

They need to bring back that rail rocket gun, that was sweet.

I don't like the current Death Star level, the emperor's throne room needs to be bigger and more ominous.

THEY MUST find away to make a map for Bespin, where lUke and Vader faught with working destroyable windows that suck everyone out..YAY!
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