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It helps if you post your problem in its own thread so it can be replied to individually. For the sake of brevity, I'll just ask a few questions here that may help you. When you setup the server using the game GUI, what do you select for "dedicated"? NO, LAN, or Internet? If you choose anything but Internet, then there's a good chance your server won't be listed in the master server list--of course, if you choose Internet or LAN then you can't play the game without starting up a separate instance of the game.

Has anyone tried to connect to the server via the ip address? If they can connect by ip but the server is not in the list, then it could just be a matter of time before it shows up...assuming you have it set as an internet dedicated server (above). If nobody can connect by ip, then you aren't forwarding the right ports or your router is not compatible with the game protocol. According to Raven, you should have the port the server is set to run on (28070 by default) and 28060-28062 (inclusive). Give those things some thought and then post in a new thread if you are still having trouble.

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