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I think we have a wrong misinterpretation about "yes" and "no" votes

I read over a few posts regarding the yes and no votes below and I cant believe I have missed the obvious:

People are under the misinterpretation that by voting yes for a guy means that he is popular and well liked by the forum where as voting no means he is hated or disliked by the community. That is so wrong. That is not what voting is about.

You ask what should it mean? Isn't it obvious? I think it is soooo obvious that most of us missed it. What we should be voting for is not whether we like the guy or hate him, it should be for if we think he CAN DO THE JOB OR NOT.

I might like such and such as a good buddy, but that doesnt mean he would be the ideal person for a Senator position. I might dislike such and such, but that doesn not mean he would be a bad Senator.

Just wanted to get this off my chest because I feel that the reasoning behind the votes are for the wrong reasons.
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