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[Hey, this has nothing to do with the story butweren't we suppose to hit page 2 a long time ago? This is weird...It's getting longer an longer to scroll down...]

"Impressive Deac even though they use laser technology it is still very impressive. Inform them on the situation."

"We have intercepted part of a communication via sub-space transmitor coming from the planet, playing file":

**Unknown: "...Elite Soldiers attoned with the name Sith which you, yourself sought to the effectiveness..."

Unknown curious: "But this was 150 years ago, I would have thought that it might have been disbanded"

Unknown: "No it hasn't, infact we recived orders to this planet that a un-predictable force would arrive. Then it was just then amist of our battle, i sensed your presence and then a Jedi like presence, felt weaker then yours, then the disturbence..."

Unknown: "How meny..."

Unknown: "Never mind about that. Whats done is done." *Getting anxious* "Who are you warrior!?"

Unknown: "You dont remember? I was your fir..."

Communication was lost a this point."

"This is very interesting, twas surely Imperial men of them seems important. Procceed to intra-space waves analysis and report to me where the destination of this message. Send more observers in extra-outerspace so we can confirm if the Imperial have definatly fled."

Afterwords Xesson reveals to the Carrier Executor more information:

"En Taro Adun Executor one of the probes detected a rebel craft type X-wing tha tleft the planet. We didn't have time to capture it... "

"Hurry an get the PPSG operational so nothing can get in or out the planet."

Meanwhile, on the Planet, Xesson has everything under control as the Colony grows faster and faster. Now that Cybernetics Core and Chield Batteries are teleported the Teleportation of the PPSG can begin. The Death Star's Laser blast caused the planet to have a drastic increase in Volcanic and Vespen Gaz activity. The Presence of This Vespen Gaz was a great advantage for Protoss development has a great number of Assimilator were beeing teleported. Advanced buildings are starting to appear, in particular Stargates.

The small Protoss army located on the planet grew faster and independently from the fleet thanks to the now fully operational Gateways.
Fremen were equiped by Protoss technology but not all could be used because almost every equipment needed a Protoss 6th sens only known to them.

The Fleet Executor, who let us remind is the Great Executor of this Protoss intervention, is consulted by one of The Supreme Executor's High Templar:

"En Taro Adun Executor I bring a message from the Absolute Supreme Greatness. He senses the presence of an evil still far away but slowly ascending to strike upon you, an evil very known to us, this evil is the..."

"The Zerg, I have also felt their presence. Tell his greatness not to worry. En Taro Adun High Templar!"

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