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"Dont kill if saber is off"

Oh man do i have real problems with these people. First let me say I am all dueling. I love it. Anyone I know for a fact is a dueler and his saber is off because hes lookin for a duel i will leave alone. But you have real morons who ruin that.

A: People who will FFA and just hack and slash away at anything that moves, then when they get hit a few times they turn their saber off and run to find health.

B: They leave their saber off on maps like streets and you run by them, but they grip you and toss you off.

Then when a legitimate dueler comes to the server and i go ahead and dice him up even though his saber is off he gets angry. Understandable. But I explain to him that I'm not lettin people run around like that anymore because of the morons who take advantage of it. Of course newbie, oh excuse me, "n00b" was the word of choice for this guy. But if you haven't played long enough to notice the people who do the above I'm not the newbie.

So this is just to point out just because your saber is off doesn't mean you are safe. At least not around me, and i know many others.
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