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Yeah I don't kill people with saber off in duels, but I do in FFA.

Example 1)
On FFA/CTF, I see someone standing still with saber of on a bridge. I walk towards him, look at him, wait a sec and then slice him. Because for me, when somebody doesn't react when you're near them, they're AFK -> slice them!

Example 2)
On FFA on a map, lets say: Bespin. I'm near the platform and see several people duelling, and people with saber off next to them. I retract my saber and join them! I like duelling you know.

Example 3)
On a duel server, someone retracts his saber (in the beginning or at a pause). I retract mine too and wait. I DONT attack.

Example 4)
On a duel server, we both put our sabers off. We walk towards each other, I bow (yeah yeah, I nod, I dont crouch) and he does the DFA on me! Next round, I'll strike him dow, drain him etc.

Well that should show my thoughts on the subject...
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