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i think it should come soon (but i have a high post count per page so it might not come for a bit)

Hyperspace was hetoric, after jumping while still in an atmosphere nearly knocked Grendal unconsious... but still amased that he'd actually made it out of there...

*jumping out of lightspeed*

Grendal: "R5, Where are we?"

R5-x1: Bleep! Whistle! Whistle! Bleep! Bleep! (Ariving in Tatoonie Sector)

Grendal: "Tatoonie, eh? Nice thinking, remote.."

*Orbiting Planet*

Grendal: "R5, are there any signs of the Protoss in this sector?"

R5-x1: while incorperating the best R-unit sound effects ^_^ Whistle! Bleep! Reep! (no.)

Grendal: "Alright, now lets see if the huts wont bother us while we stay here for a bit..."

*Desends into Planet Tato0nie*
*a Star Wars type of Scene-Switching effect occurs*

okay im sure i got some spelling wrong Cracken, correct my spelling if you please
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