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*Planet side in the Kuat system, The Imperial Accelerated Clone Program is under full swing, creating a Clone Army worthy of the Clone Wars of yester year. Loading on to massive transport ships, they head to orbit. COupled with teh Zerg, they will outnumber the enemy 10-1.

In orbit, Kuat continues is massive production, with more IDS rolling out every day. TheEntire Imperial Fleet is at Kuat, awating the orders of thier the Dark Lord*

Admiral: the fleet is ready, the new Imperial Army is now fully operational, your orders?

Cracken: We jump back into the system, and we destroy these intruders. The Zerg should be arriving anytime now.

Admiral: SIR!
*Cracken's massive Imperial Fleet enters hyperspace.
At the battlefield, all is quiet... a sole creature can be seen coasting toward a protoss carrier..... harmless, it comes right along side it... and explodes. then another, and an another. Be hind this wave of Scourges, is the Mutalisk and Guardian threat, and they now decend down upon thier unsuspecting prey. With the Carriers tied up, Overlords bee-line toward the planet, and make a forward base, Lurkers crawling every where, and Hydralisks and Spore and Sunkun Colonies taking root n the Creep.*

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