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Originally posted by Darth Skyw@lker

Hey genius! Duel in FFA are completly different than the Duel modes!
you have to wait 324234 min to fight in duel modes, in ffa you just go near someone and ask him to duel with NO FORCE ( in duel mode there is force and its ****ty ) so stfu
You know Corky; you have Force and No Force duel servers...
And as for waiting... Those numbers in your in-game browser that look like "4/6", those represent the # of players in a server. You can (yes, the game will allow you to) choose to go into a server with a smaller amount of players for faster game play. It never ceases to amaze me how you whiney little brats always want everyone and everything to conform to the way you think things should be. "I don't care if it's CTF, I wanna duel so you n00bs have to duel or your gay".
Once again for those who rode the little bus,
Game Type> Duel
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