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Oh, and also, whenever i turn off my saber, its either to do a duel, to watch a duel, or sometimes i walk around like im all superior (its fun, ecspecially when your the ghost morgan guy) and just look at them, pacing back and forth. Also, if i cant do a duel, but theres a guy i want to duel with, ill turn off my saber. Then he will. Then i taunt and bow, turn my saber on real casually, and we start fighting. And only lamers kill people with their saber off. Unless the above said "fair game" stuff i heard.
That is the situation in which I attack someone with their saber off. It doesn't mean 'peace' it means 'I'm better than you'--I like to prove them wrong. So far no one has complained, I assume because they realize that they were being idiots, and believe me they rarely do that again.

When I am fighting I leave my saber on, if I stop fighting I turn it off. This sends a clear message. The people who turn their sabers off midfight just to prove that they are superior deserve to get attacked like that--in fact they're asking for it.

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