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No no no, i dont turn it off DURING a fight (but hey, that would be a cool idea) its like, in this custom map, bloodriver or something like that, i hoped up onto one of the ledges that surounds the map, and just walked back and forth. While the guys kept trying to come up. RIght when one did, i turned on my saber. It was also once in the deathstar, i think the hangar, that i hoped to a ledge and did that. Its fun to watch them keep trying to get up, or throw their sabers. I just push back the sabers. And one guy kept going almost high enough, but not quite, so i just gripped him, then (is this ther jedi cannon thing? i dont know. If its not, tell me how) i let go of him and pushed him away. He flew far. hehe. I act kinda like the guy in the black here. (darth vader?)

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