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I'm the head admin at the [LiCk] DO NOT ATTACK IF SABER NOT DRAWN FFA Server -

Alot of what you fellas are talking about is an annoying problem. Our server has some pretty simple rules to promote FAIR play..

No two people can fight if either saber is not drawn. Those who's sabers are not out are specifically looking for a duel. Every so often we get a llama that attempts to exploit this rule to save their @ss's. Turning off yer saber mid-fight for no other reason than to not die will get ya kicked.

Our rules have no loopholes. I can't spam every damn rule. If you do ANYTHING lame, I'll let ya know it.

However, revenge killing is not tolerated either. Simply find an admin, or hop on irc for 2 secs, and we'll get the problem fixed, I guarantee it.

My only regret is not being able to have an admin on 24/7. We recently added another admin bringing our running total to somewhere around 10.

Our server has consistantly been praised by the JK2 community for being one of the consistantly BEST FFA Duel servers out there. You'll never find a bettr group of regulars, and some of the best saberists, anywhere!

[LiCk]Sebboh Nivlac
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