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I play on the WirePlay servers mainly, since my CL is the admin of the WP servers

The WirePlay FFA #3 server is NF, Sabers Only, and most of the time (even though it isn't an enforced rule) people don't attack people with sabers down

Even if people do attack someone with their saber down, the person being attacked (the attackee? is that a word? ) usually whips out their saber to defend themselves

I have to agree with some people, however
If you're on a level like Nar Shadda streets (in my opinion one of the worst maps in the game) and you're playing with people you DON'T know, then it becomes impossible to run around with your saber holstered, as people will just continually push, drain, grip, or saber you while you run back to the place where all the duellists are going

I feel that if someone wants to attack people when they have their sabers down, then why come onto a forum and complain about it (I know that in my case, if someone takes a swing at me with my saber off, which most of the time is very obvious they are about to do it, i just jump out of their way, ignite my saber, and proceed to chop them into little chunks of bitesize Bantha feed *Just like Darth Vader... "Don't Make Me Destroy You!" )

I would give you all the IP for the server, but unfortunately, i'm at work just now, and not in the habit of memorising IP addresses (one of my weaknesses, i know )

Thats my take on the situation, anyway...


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