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The only problem that I have with the heavy stance being used as a primary stance for the whole battle, is that its utterly boring in duel servers. And that goes without saying it sucks. I wait my arse off for over 20 minutes ( lmao) to battle, then I get hit from 5 feet away whilst I am doing wall run. As I said in another thread, it is nothing like battling in the movies. Its more like battling JK style, although not as fast and just not that fun. As far as in fairness, it would most likely be the most horrible stance if it were not for the hit distance. It seems like just about everyone dodges it when I watch in duel servers, or am just plain watching, although they die anyway. I almost never see anyone stand there while the red stance takes 5 minutes to slash anyway. Other than the horrible hit distance, it is actually a good stance. If it is used multi like, such as with the blue stance, then switched to red. I would not have a problem with it, but since I know the thing can hit over 10 feet, I have to totally stay away from them during there attack. Which is kind of boring. Just my two cents.

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