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Metafox, I am in charge of the GFN now, but I am one of the newest additions to the staff. I wasn't around during the days of MegaMonkey, but I have read through all the GFN archives back to 1998 (which will be up on the GFN soon thanks to some Internet Archive spelunking I did some months ago), and know that you did a lot for the community.

Sadly, both the LSA and GFN are in bad shape right now, along with the rest of the network. The mojo downtime (Sept-Dec. 2001) really affected the LucasArts adventure community; right now a lot of people are jaded and frustrated with LucasArts and the major adventure fansits.

Bone_Man, who was heading the new LSA, left the GFN and the rest of us weren't really prepared to cope with his absence. Since then, there has been no genuine volunteers to take it over--a few 'maybe's from some people, but definitely not enough to support the site. No one is there to update the links right now.

If you're feeling forgotten, it's most likely because all the other people who worked on the GFN back when you did are long gone. I'm sorry for your feeling this way but honestly, I don't know what to do about it. We're pretty much in the same boat--I'm trying to rally the scattered GF fans who have drifted away from the site and these forums. We're down to a fraction of the support that we had before the downtime.

Basically, you've caught us at a rough spot, and the future is uncertain. At this time I have to focus on getting the site back in order. If you wanted to come back to the GFN or the LSA, that'd be a different story. It's just a different place than it was when you worked there. I hope there are no hard feelings, and I don't think you sound 'whiny' at all. Your feelings echo those of many in the community and staffers of adventure sites.

While I was typing, I found this. I hope it brings back some memories.

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