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*Abord the Akira , the Eclipse Class Star Destroyer, The Dark Lord looks onto the battle field. Carrier formations were tight and precise, thier fighter squadrons elite. Superior in every way. But not to the power of this ship. Giving a signal, an officer nods to fire control, and the Akira begins its fireing sequence. At the nose of the giant ship, 2 doors swing open, and reveal a giant superlaser, pointed directly at the moon. Red beans collect on the firing dish, and a massive SuperLaser Blast streaks out from the Akira. it hits the moon dead on, the Superlaser taking several re-enforcing Protoss Carriers, platoons of scouts and interceptors, and the moon itself. The Doors swing shut, and the Akira engages the new Imperial Hypershield, proving the new ship impervious to damage. Now, revealed, the gigantic ship uleashes a terribal barrage upon the planet, striking at all the unshielded zones, casuing irrepreial damage to the protoss. Proton torpedos and cucussion misslies lance out at fighters and Carriers, causing damage across the battefield.

Abord the Boarded Star Destroyers, and the Akira herself, scores of Cloned Stromtroopers battle with Protoss legions, using the ancient relic machine and sub machine guns. Penetrating the shielding these enemy troops carry, there are killed by hundreds, and the clones smartly cover the entire hallways with walls of lead and durasteel.*

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