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Climbs into ship, opens secure line to the Einherjiar

Comm Officer: Odin sir, we were getting worried Frigga almost sent a team after you.

Don't worry, I can handle myself. Put Vidar on the line.

Comm Officer: Yes sir, one moment

Vidar:How are you?

Good. A problem has arisen; an unforseen player has distrubed our plans. I will continue monitoring them and see if they are the ones who we seek.

Vidar:Ragnorak is not far off, will we be ready?

I know, the nords told me, causing this journey.

Vidar: If they are not the ones needed the universe is doomed

I must go, I feel a disturbance here, Deac and the others are returning.

Vidar:Fare thee well.

turns off the Comm

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