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Now we're talking ...

My good points: Graphics, Site building and ofcourse everything that has to do with that. Like updating content and files.

My programming skills are very basic. I can't write code but it's not like that I can edit small things. I'm learning Javascript at the moment and will try php after that.

In dutch I am a good writer. My english isn't that bad either so I can write content to ...

Basicly that's what I can and will. Sites like this is what I do for a study ... So I'm not bad already but I will be better all the time.

So I'm here ... all the time

He ho to the bottle I go
To heal my heart and drown my woe
rain may fall and wind may blow
but there still be many miles to go

Sweet is the sound of the pouring rain
and the stream that falls from hill to plain
Better than rain or rippling brook
is a mug of beer inside this Took
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