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*Lord Cracken calmly walks toward his shuttle, and boards it, the Dark Templar use not the Force, but are present in it. Odd, he thought to himself, as they were not ancient Sith Magiks, but just as potent. No matter, if he could call a cease fire, he would study under these preists, and pervert the power he would gain.

If only.

His shuttle took off, and through the Force, made it invisible to all, and headed toward the planet. Sqeezing in by a millimeter, he managed to get by the closing shielding surrounding the Planet. Like the Imperial Center's shield, it surrounded the planet, protecting it from space. he locked on to the power source, and landed the shuttle. He quickly departed, seeing a horde of Zealots headed toward his direction.

They came at him, methodically, professionally.


He ignighted his lightsaber, and confidently stood there, waiting for the first. The first Protoss gave a smile, and charged, swinging his engery blades, parry, parry, jab, he knocked the blades out from the Zealots defensive zone, and came down with a hard slash. The lighstaber stalled for an instant on the shield, and then cut through, slicing the poor fool in half. now two came, one from the front, and one from behind. No matter.

Using his power, he held the one at bay, and lifted the poor fool off of the ground, crushing it's skull into nothing more than mucus. The other heasetated, and Cracken took advantage, and sliced him in the mid section, cutting him cleanly in half.

This went on for hours, as he cut a path to the shield Generator. ass he got closer, the zealots were ignighted in a pitched fervor. it would be thier last. Suddenly, a spider like machine walked on, and fired a blast, Cracken jumped high, and launched his own orb of destrouction from his hand, laying waste to the machine. These technological terrors were no match for the power of the Force.

Entering the shield generator, he found a Shivian, a menacing creature not of this galaxy, though present through the Force. Easy prey. He cut left, dodging it's fire, and wall walked up on th left wall and onto the cieling, and dropped down, slashing the Shivan in half.

He stared to sprint. Cutting through the enemies like butter, and reached the shield generator. using the Force, he let loose the fury of the Dark Side, and dark lightning ripped through the circuts of the generator, explosions going off all around him. warning klaxxons went off all around him as he ran out, avoiding the enemy for speed of escape.

He burstout into the arid sunlight, and made a break for the open field. The Generator exploded violently behind him, and shratnal landed all around him. Fragments of the Akira now were being let through, and hit the planet causing massive craters. He hit his comlink*

Cracken: Kirda, the Akira has been lost, but the shield is donw, Fire turbo lasers onto the planet. Vaproze thier bases. Launch the Devastator.

*he smiled, he would win this war. He headed to the largest battle field, to the largest Zerg colony to help it's growth through the Force. Arriving, he was a gizzly sight. A disgusting goo surrounded the colony, and Zealots were being eaten for food. The Zerg colony was a mass of organic tissue, and fening off all attacks. A Zergling came up to him, and motioned to follow. It lead him to the front, where he engaed the Templar for the first time. Lightbning rained down from them , but he had the Force, and the basic protective abilities prevented them from harming him. He let loose his own concussion blast, killing hundreds of Protoss, and one templar. easy. A Templar snuck up behind him, but he sensed it, and sliced it with his lighstaber. A Massive explosion went off. The Devastator.

Devastator was a high powered fusion bomb, capable vaporizing entire cities. They just hit the largest Protoss base, anihilating it. Turbolaser fire rained down, causing havoc in the Protoss ranks. Bomber screeched over head, escorting the Overlords, and bombing targest all along the front.

In space, the Imperial Navy destroyed another carrier, it's burning carcass exploding violently. Fighters tangled with the scouts and interceptors, gining small victories here and there. The Yamato fired another wave of torpedoes, vaporizing another carrier. Kirda watched, and laughed. The Ysalimari worked. they prevented all teleportation onto the Yamato. He smiled.*
Kirda: launch another Devastator , target thier shipyard. Then aim them at thier fleets.

*anoterh Devestator was launched, headed toward the Planet, and another launched, hitting the tight Carrier formation, destroying it.*

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