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Originally posted by Kudar
Ok guys, thanks for the offers, We are actually looking for more content managers rather than coders and site builders, I still need to see Chris about the final design, so I may be in touch with some of you designers .

I'll be messaging you guys sometime this week with what we're looking for and initially, we're going to make this site the finest damn community driven site on the internet

If you have any inspiring ideas please message me
oooooh ... designing. My hobby that is .
So that means will be totally redesigned? I'd be happy to help with that.

But for the content ... What I can do is testing scenarios and such. Retrieving stratagy articles and such, formating them and making them ready for the internet.

Oh ... and an idea!!! On aok.heavengames they have age 2oons (check out their site if you have no clue what I'm talking about). With a little help from the forum that could be done here too.

(This is my 4th post in this thread ... am I desperate? )

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