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so far I like it! Curious as to what you mean by "spammers will ruin it"

I've also noticed several other things. Lightsabers bouncing off each other, clashing on many swings, and results in greater frequency of saber locks.

Push and Pull look like they use less force power to use, instead of 1/4 o fthe pool, maybe only 1/6. I have been trying to test out the drain and heal differences. Heal i see now takes 50% pool to heal 25 points. Definite nerf there, but i like the fact they turned absorb into a more strategic power by not having the constant blue glow. Anybody who wants to try out the new patch and can't find a server...I'm running a listen server at Feel free to join in. It's not showing up in the list but you can connect to it via the console /connect <ip>


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