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As someone who was rarely defeated in duels using various techniques, this patch certainly redefines a -lot-. I'm not sure I'm ready to put up a 'like' or 'dislike' vote yet cause I've only been able to play against bots.

Things I like:

Force Drain: Yep, it's a good thing. I used it before only to heal, and now there will be no more drain whoring from anyone.

DFA Nerf: You can still do it, but since you can turn, it really isn't useful at all. It's basically an 'insult' move, like the light stance back slash. It's like saying to your opponent, 'youre so lame, I was able to pull off even just this move' I used DFA moderately, and yet, I still feel this is a good change.

Force Absorb: Light side needed a boost, this will make me think twice about pulling/pushing one, cause then you'll just restore their force power.

Things I hate:

Jumpkick nerf: Was this really neccesary? The acrobatics like the jumpkick, which is the only non-saber attack was really cool. Now, you have to jump against an opponent twice to pull it off, basically making the "Dont tread on me" mentality useless. I don't think even a newb is dumb enough to let you jump against them not once, but twice, even though it is quick. Again, I haven't been able to test it against actual players yet, but up against even bots, which I have always found easy to use this against, it is a cold rarity and you really have to be constantly trying to do it to pull it off.

The jumpkick was a good way to make people think twice about charging at your with their saber. Some of my best and what I feel most challenging wins were pulled off against people using this.

Overall, I feel as if this was a patch to appease those who don't take the time to learn the full game mechanics. Now it's just a swing fest based more upon luck and less upon skill (but not all luck). I can live and adapt to these nerfs and additions, I can even agree with some of them, but one of the greatest things about Jedi Knight II was, it was easy to tell the difference between the veterans and the newbs. But I suppose you gotta take the side of the majority in things like this. It'll take time, but those who took the time to learn the 'old style' mechanics, will learn the 'new style' mechanics, and give newbs a whole new reason to complain. =)

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