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Personally from what I'm reading, the Force Heal change is lame and so is the Force Absorb thing. On a saber-only server that I regularly use, no one has had a problem with those affecting them living or being killed. If they use heal they use it, some people just drain them so they can't use it. Now its harder to heal yourself cuz you can only get 50hp from 100% of your Force, how crappy. And if they drain you its even worse.

And for Absorb, if you use it, your blue, big deal. So your telling me I have to hit someone to find out now? Thats retarded. If they are across the room and I want to pull them or drain them or use lightning on them, I'll waste all my Force because I can't see that they have Absorb. Giving them a huge advantage (course I don't use Drain, I'm an Absorb guy, but I'm speaking for those Dark Siders).

And I noticed there was nothing about the Heavy Stance being harder to use. As in no more 1-hit kills. Only thing mentioned was that Sabering in general is harder to use. Start and end of saber hits are weakened. So that affects every stance. Meaning Heavy Stance still has the ability to do 1-hit kills (albeit you have to hit direct on). I though they were gonna do justice to the many of us tired of the 1-hit kill thing by making so it you COULD NOT do a 1-hit kill AT ALL using Heavy Stance.

All I can say is, good work Raven. Your first patch has hurt the MP gameplay IMO.
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