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WTF Raven!?

Oh for god sakes, as if the JK2 guns weren't weak enough. 8 up to 25 for 2nd HR fire is more then a slight correction don't you think? Seriously, the guns were weak enough.

Yeah, I could agree with the FC1 and DFE being tweaked but gimme a break. Same thing goes for drain. But JK2 guns were already a joke compared to UT/Q3 and you whent to far "balancing" healing.

The sabers are weaker now and saber combat will be slower and in tighter spacing. Guess what, that will make the saberist even easier targets for gunners whether you nerfed the guns or not.

-The guns are a joke compared to other FPS
-The forces are weak compared to JK
-There's definately a shortage of ammo on the maps

Thanks for making the game that had the potential to be better then JK into a newbie brained joke.

If you keep "balancing" things, everyone will tie because nothing will do anything.
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