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I like what they've done with this.

You can still DFA, just can't aim in-air. GOOD (anyone know if they nerfed the area effect?)
Yellow is MUCH MORE controlled, and you can still do a spin move, albeit slower and it's not automatic. GOOD.

In terms of control, Blue is almost where Yellow was. GOOD.

Red now has 2-swing combos (!). AND a slow-assed spin move. Deadly, if used right. But SLOOOOW, so it's gotta be used in the right situation. GOOD.

I think this patch promotes the use of ALL stances now, instead of those who stuck with Yel or Red only. The really good players will make their mark by utilizing ALL of the stances.

My only gripe is that they didn't make it backwards compatible. Would be nice to have a choice of playing styles/controls, so we could play 'old style' when we wanted.....
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