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Ok I got the skinny. Heavy does suck now, but they added stuff for it.

It has ALOT more depth and strategy to it now.

Guess what? Heavy has 2 swing combos now(even lucky 3 swings ones too, haven't been able to get those down yet though)

Heres the deal with heavy now though, you hold the button instead of just tapping it once per swing. This achieves a double swing, and you can combo such moves as a circle swing(forward/anystrafe+that strafe direction, while holding fire)

Also, DFA is accomplished by jumping with the mouse fire button held now. You cannot swing in circles, and it doesn't kill in one hit even if you get a direct hit on someone

BLOCKING IS OUTRAGEOUS! Its ridiculous how easy it is to block now.

The force power nerfs are in-After you drain someone of their full force power, your whole force bar is almost gone.

Did you drain someone and grip them? Even though you can't grip them after drain(too much force used)...Grip is very slow now anyway.

They have nerfed grip to DEATH. You walk VERY slow now, its very easy to push/pull out of a grip.

Heal is very nerfed as well, way over the edge.

Light is good now, it'll be the spam for the millenium

With the new heavy style combos, during the end of your second heavy swing you can do a dfa, so thats one free swing and one free blockbuster move(i dunno if its much of a blockbuster anymore)

I haven't played all the duel maps, just duel_temple right now. Its the final level in single player jo(slightly different)...has the final music too.

But you guys can see for yourselves. I'd just thought I'd mention the depth that they gave heavy now. No more click and run towards your enemy, it requires thinking.

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