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Originally posted by NoodlyGod
Raven has been more active in these forums and more in tune with what the community wants than any other game developer I've ever seen. Months before release they'd drop by the forums and answer questions and concerns. Then, after the release they continued to support the community. One of them released a few strategy guides the day the game was released. And I doubt anyone was holding a gun to his head. ChangKhan has 298 posts, the last of which was 4 days ago. He registered on the 8th of August, 2001. He's been here, listening and answering for quite a while. If pissing people off were their goal, they would have stopped production the day before the game was supposed to be released. Or, they truly would ignore the community and do nothing for this game.

Don't bite the hand that feeds you. And remember that the developer does not revolve around you. Your needs and wants don't overrule the a)majority or b)the creators vision. This company has spent more time listening to us piss and moan then I ever would.
Very well said.
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