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Of all the people above, I think Vision gave most thought to his answer. That's not to say I agree with him but at least his answer wasn't a bitching /whining fest. One thing worth noting is that when you attack with red, you're momentarily slowed and the peak of the attack. This means you wont be able to chase someone with red if they wish to run away. It also makes evading red attacks easier.

Blocking as already said seems very easy, but part of this maybe Illusion because you'll have to time your attacks better to cause the full damage (30 / 60 / 100), than you did before in 1.02 version. That's why the battles take longer, this will also slightly balance the nerfed drain / heal because you'll have more time to use them.

All in all I like it, even if it's too early to say how the changes will affect play balance. Everyone should understand that, even if they feel liking dissing Raven for what they did (or praising them for that matter). Anyhow a patch is out and I think most of us can agree it was needed, it shows they care and that it will not likely be the last patch from them.

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