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God damn it people

Come on people i agree with most of the updates. Im a lightsider myself and really think the heal was the cheap way to stay alive, the dark side doesnt have that ability (drain yeah ok... but not really). The guns were cheap all u had to do was grab a blaster and find a pack of sabering people and u got urself some easy kills. Very cheap tactic btw. but the changes are basically saying now you must pay a more addiquite price for such power. But so far what ive seen is everything is fair ESPPECIALLY the absorb. u turn it on and battle and then no one forces u. but u run out of force or turn it off and they know that now is the time to force u and u just get gripped or zapped or whatever and that is usually enough time to be gripped off a ledge or whatever... get my point??? The game is much better. i love the patch.


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