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Id say that the patch was pretty good overall.
- I like how they took th SP lighsaber attack animations and put them into multiplayer. I always thought there was too much spinning in all the old MP lightsaber moves anyway.
- Also drain is pretty well balanced now.
- However, I do think that they nerfed heal a little too hard from what I've been reading, even from my own darkside point of view. It's now 1/4 as force efficient as it used to be at the highest level.
- They changed force grip so that you can no longer run while gripping at level 3. Instead you only walk rather slowly now. That should help reduce the number of grippers running people off the cliffs all of the time. This was a wise change.
- Strong saber stance isn't as insaine with the one hit tap kills anymore, and in general all the moves seem less lethal. Blocking as a whole seems to occur much more frequently. Dules are much longer and I'm not sure that I'm totaly happy/ adjusted to this yet.
- The force absorb change was also smart, giving the light side a little more of an edge.

I haven't tried the new maps yet but I'd say that this was a good patch in terms of multiplayer balance and lightsaber duels.
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