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hi peeps, mines a voodoo 3 3000 ... the game works, seems to be ok in cut scenes an stuff, but i do have that problem with the famous scrolling text ... its all blurry.. unreadable ...
my main issue with it is, that i can play one game of it, an then when i screw up an die, an go to reload a previous savegame, or even just click to restart the level as it suggests, it just hangs... i can escape back to the main menu, but it refuses to load... and if it does actually look like its going to, and the bar gets all the way there, then it just dumps to windows (XP) and the gamma's 10x higher than it should be.... i found if i went to the advanced settings for display properties, and to 3dfx color, that returned the gamma to normal (better than rebooting atleast), but its still a pain in the arse!... i also found that the trick with changing a couple video settings seems to work to some degree, but its not fixing the problem, and is taking just as long as loading the whole game like i was having to before over again.
and as for this wickedgl thing.... is there anyone else here that has done this with Win XP Pro Corp ? and a Voodoo 3 3000 ?
cause it dont wanna work with mine, infact when i did that, it failed to even load... until i removed wickedgl's opengl driver again.
my systems very tidy, so i know its not that... ive updated the cards bios, given it the 3fdx underground 1.06 alpha drivers, which seem to be about the best for all round gl drivers, and MOH:AA, Q3, RTCW all work fine.. no problems/glitches at all... yet i keep having to reload the whole of JK2... just to load a savegame after dieing once!... HELP!!!
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