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Originally posted by [HoT]Dark-Sith
I play on the WirePlay servers mainly, since my CL is the admin of the WP servers

The WirePlay FFA #3 server is NF, Sabers Only, and most of the time (even though it isn't an enforced rule) people don't attack people with sabers down

Even if people do attack someone with their saber down, the person being attacked (the attackee? is that a word? ) usually whips out their saber to defend themselves

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I was playing on that server on Sunday Night, what a load of idiots that were on there. Nowhere at all does it say "Do Not Kill if Sabre Drawn". There was about 4 or 5 players all whinging and whining coz not everyone was playing by their rules, ON A PUBLIC SERVER!!. If you want to Duel go join a ****'in Duel Server not a FFA server running round like they own the place, calling people Lamers etc every 5 minutes. Begging people not to get the final kills when they reach the Killcount because they want to carry on Duelling on Bespin Landing Pad

These people need to get a life FFS.

BTW Dark-Sith you got some fine players in HoT, Raven was pretty much kickin everyone arse
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