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[lol Cracken ! I predicted since I started to build the colony that you would go for the Shield Generators so I got prepared in advance , check it: ]

What Lord Cracken Ignored was that:

Originally posted by Jem
PPSG were teleported in almost every part of the planet.
When Lord Cracken thought he had destroyed THE shield generator he had actually destroyed only ONE of the many shield generators tha covered the whole planet. His foolishness did not make him think they could be more than one PPSG as the planet's shield was quickly restablished and in space the studies on the sample Imperial clone DNA had begun, the Carrier Executor had a plan but until this plan was revealed more and more Destroyers and Carriers were joining the already long casualty list.

Back on the planet, a mysterious voice ascends towards Lord Cracken:

"Lord Cracken you may use this "Force" or even master it but do you actually know what it is? The "Force" is a Psionic melding that you would fail to comprehend. And I am a Psionic Entity, I do not use this "Force", I am the "Force"."

Once this was said a ghostly being appeard in front of Lord Cracken:

"Tis I, the "Dark Force""

Lord Cracken smiles and swings his saber cutting the being that had appeard in two making it dissapear within a redish fog that invades the zone. The being that Lord Cracken though he had easily slained reappears behind him:

"Ha! You Jedis are all the same, foolish!"

Lord Cracken then proceeded in some series of stuning combos using saber and force, in particular "Destruction", revealing his superior skills in lighsabersmanship and Force mastering. But Once again his hits only caused a dissipation of this being into a red fog and seconds later its reincarnation.

"I already told you, I am the Force! What you see in front of you is what you think I am but tis a simple illusion, I do not have a body, I am energy. You can do nothing to me with your useless weapons and the fact that you try to harm me with the Force gives the exact same result than trying to fight fire with fire. We, the Psionic Entities are the origin of your capabilities of using the force, our power is so grand that we cannot contain it all and are obliged in releasing some. This insignificant force, the one we release, is the force people like you, Jedis, manage to use and take for granted. I say We because there is another who ressembles me, an other Psionic Entity, I am a Dark Archon, known to your kind as the "Dark Force."

"And I am an Archon, known to your kind as the "Light Force". We care not for what you use our released "Force" but we will not tolerate it's use against the Protoss, the lifeform we have given birth through the "Force"."

"Now you must release the force you irresponsably contain"

"Or you must die"

As the word "die" was pronouced the two beings vanished into thin air, the sky turned red:

A mysterious swirl carried Lord Cracken up high, letting his saber fall. His body took the position of a crucified man and he slowly went higher and higher. Lord Cracken was paralized it was as if something took control of him. While this occured The Dark Templar had formed a circle with different patterns in its interior and they whispered ancient Protoss relic prophecy sayings.

Both Psionic Entity could be heard:

"Let go of the "Force" you hold within or you will die"

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