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okay, so I still don't understand this rule.

People join a server to walk around with no saber drawn? what fun is that. What if they just start throwing you off of high places, can you attack them then. It doesn't seem fair that they can attack you before you know if they are playing a game, or just walking around aimlessly on a server.

Also, in the scenario where they are AFK (which I understand to mean away from keyboard), why would they get mad if they die. If I have to take a dump, I wait till I'm dead. If I'm not dead, I just go take a dump, but then I don't expect to be alive when I get back. And who cares if I am. It's not like you have a limited number of lives.

I plan to continue killing everyone, especially easy kills like AFKs, and continue getting banned from every server I join until you all learn the importance of STAYING AT YOUR DAMN KEYBOARD IF YOU DON"T WANT TO GET KILLED.

son of a bitch.

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