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The two Psionic Entities had succeeded in forcing Lord Cracken to let go of the Force he contained, but at a price. Lord Cracken's Force was so immensly grand in him that it's release caused the destruction of the planet. But how could the Psionic Entities, the Force themselves could not know what havoc would Lord Cracken's force release cause? The answer was simple, Lord Cracken was severly underestimated by the Psionic Entities. If they had know that Lord Cracken could have caused such destruction they would have immediatly killed him, but it was too late for that, what was done was done. The planet is no more. The Chain reaction that caused it's doom happened so quickly that no one had time to escape: Zassek, Keylex, Xesson and their men had perished as these were the last words they uttered:



"May we all join the Psionic melding, FOR ADUN!"

Battle continued in space but for how long? Now that the planet died along with Lord Cracken the Protoss had no goal to fight for and the Empire no leader. The very few Fremen who had stayed in the Carriers were still unaware of their planet's fate...

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