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*Kirad was amazed, a being maganed toleave the planet. More amazed was he of this former Lords untapped power, thta energy. A pity it couldn't be used against the Imperial Center, that the New Republic occupied. Pity.

Well, orders were orders.*

Kirda: Helm, get me a hyperspace solution and get us out of here. this war is usless. Recall all figh..

Officer: Sir, we lost our rear deflector shield!

Kirda: Intensify rear firing battieries, i want nothing getting thourgh, helm, do you have that solution?

Helm: Sir, we have one, engage?

Kirda: at once, tell any remaining fighters to get abord other craft, and tell them to Hyperspace immediatly. any ship that doesn't make it back is to self destruct, they must not know our technology or our knowledge of the galaxy!!

*The grand Imperial Fleet begins it's retreat, one by one, winking out of the system to the new Emperor's location. very few fighters were unable to reach the Star Destroyers, and followed thier superiors orders, and self destructed. Soon, the battle field was quiet once again....*

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