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Originally posted by Cmdr. Cracken
The Akira was destroyed, the Yamato is the Command ship. juts an FYI
[BIG mistake dude, The Akira was destroyed after the Dark Templars rendered its SuperLaser and Shield generator useless, remember? The Akira was the Eclipse Star Destroyer that was exploded and was divided in half. A Chunk of it exploded in the planet's shield and the other headed towards the sun and eventually colided with it... If you're abord the Akira then you'ra in a Ghost Ship...]
oops! i guess cracken or someone will have to edit the post for another ship then

*A few Ships made it back to the Rendezvous point in the Former Alderon sector, to the amasement of the scattered fleet the Emperior Cracken has ordered the construction of multiple Super DeathStars where about twice the ize of a normal one but with the new Laser Cannons and Shields featured on the Akria, and a few more tricks; each contaning more then 1Billion+ clones constructioning each Super DeathStar; Maneuverability was increased exponentially.*
*Otherwise, one could say this fleet was invincible in everyway one could think of.*

*Grendal aboard the SDS#138 Commanding the Fleet*

Grendal: "I want all DeathStars completed as soon as possible, We'll be taking on the Protoss Fleet soon..."

*Conversation Through the Force*

Grendal: "Cracken, your plans for domination of the protoss fleet will come full circle soon..."
leaving room for cracken to speak back...
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