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[OOS: By all RPG standards our party is a little thin, to seeing as you have 2 chars, so will I]

The party make a short trek through an oddly quiet, snowy pass to the barbarian village. There, all species are welcome, and the party sees such odd sights as elves and orcs living in peace. The party are introduced to the village's shaman, Jolider.

Jolider: I have seen many bad things. Evil in swirling clouds coming from fires below the mountain of Tzar. It is in the abandoned Dwarven mines where you will find it. Look there, and you will perhaps find what it is you seek...

But we're not currently seeking anything.

Jolider: It is the force that makes Troglodeyetes perform suicide attacks. It is the force that brought fire to the inside of the mountains...a fiendish thing. Go!

*As the party prepare to leave, a young dwarf comes to them*

Excuse me, but I heard you were going to the mines. I can help you. Name's Jorvak Highhammer, by the way. May I join you?

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