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SP Saber Colour: The Definitive Guide!

Mike Gummelt and myself have finally worked out an effective way to change the saber colour for your SP level!

OK first of all create a directory under the "gamedata" folder. This will be your mod directory.

Now open up Notepad and type the following:

map pit
helpusobi 1
wait 60
sabercolor red
helpusobi 0

Save this file in your mod directory as "gamestart.cfg".

Now, open up assets1.pk3 in the "base" directory. Extract the file "ui\" into your mod directory.

Now open this file and search for the following line:

uiScript startgame

Delete this line and replace it with the following:

exec "exec gamestart.cfg"

Now create a new PK3 file with this modified file in under the "ui" directory. Make sure this PK3 file is saved under your mod directory.

Now load jk2sp.exe. Go to options, then mods. If you have the patched version of the game, your mod directory name should appear in the mod list. Click on your mod and click "load mod".

Now go to "New Game", select your difficulty and then begin. The level will load the "pit" map. Get your saber out... and... huzzah... it's red!

If you want to change the saber colour or the map that's loaded, simply open up "gamestart.cfg" and change the "sabercolor" and "map" command extensions.

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