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Thanks for your opinions so far

My main reasons for prefering SCUMM (right now) are mainly a mix of the nostalgia of using the original language, and the more streamlined way of handling multiple optional any-order arguments for stuff like blast-text. This approach also comes in handy (and is used in original SCUMM syntax) in stuff like say-line, or actor:

actor largo name "Largo" costume largo-screaming
or verb:

verb pickup new name "Pick up" at 520,320
etc. The main problem I have with it right now (other than introducing a new language to people who might already have gone through the trouble of learning, say, 15 other languages for various purposes) is the use of "-" in variable names, actor names, verb names, commands etc. It's simply a matter of "How does the compiler know your intentions?" For example, should it regard this:

blast-text at 50,screen-center-y "Hello"
... as "screen-center-y" or "screen minus center minus y"? It may be obvious to us (if the variable names make sense to us), but it's a troublesome decision for the compiler to make. It CAN be done in various ways. I have no idea how the original SCUMM compilers did it. One way to solve it is to require spaces between a minus and the terms. As in:

x = some-variable1 - some-variable2
... but I really don't like forcing spacing on the programmer like that. Another way that's much more complex (but gives more freedom to the user), I won't get into here. This post has grown long enough. Suffice to say, it's hairy.

- Serge
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