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Meanwhile the Protoss fleet were eliminating the remaining Zergs most of them had already died along with the planet. Once these vulgar beast would be no more the Protoss had planned to leave the zone, there was nothing more left for them here, the planet was no more. As for the remaining Planetless Fremen, they were welcomed to tag along but all they really wanted was vengeance in the name of their heroes: Zassek and Keylox who had both perished in the disaster...

But Something troubled the Psionic Entities:

"This is strange, I havn't felt the Psionic Melding Lord Cracken held coming back into me... Tis possible he has..."

"Survived? This cannot be!"

"I'm afraid so, can you not feel his Psionic Melding still burning?"

"....yes...Yes I do! It is very weak but present in him! He is not far but how can this be?!"

"We must finish what we have begun!"

"Do not worry, Lord Cracken cannot support humiliation and will surely seek vengeance, we only have to wait. But for now I suggets we rid ourselves of these Zerg parasites once and for all."

The Dark Archon, The "Dark Force", enters the mind of all remaining Zergs and simultaneously cause their implosion, explosion and death.

"Now, we wait."

"Why not deal with the Empire the same way I just did with the Zegs? I can get everything over with in less than a second."

"No, the Empire is not our ennemy. We only seek to take the Force out of Lord Cracken who foolishly uses it. He is a menace for the being we have created: The Protoss. And these Battles against the Empire are good experiences for our beings, they need to learn how to be strong and independant THEN they will become perfect!"

"Yes, Perfect!"

In The Carriers the Dark Templars proceed in meditating and whispering ancient Protoss Sorcery to awake the Psionic Melding that is in them. More Carriers make there appearance as the Protoss prepare for the univetible third confrontation...

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