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I know, itisme Right now, my mind is just set on too many different things at once, most of them non-computerish, and CMIDec is not the top priority of the computerish ones. That changes from day to day, however.

As for features, the main reasons I'm rewriting it is that I want it to be more flexible and more user friendly (which also means more friendly to myself) - in order to add the support for the earlier games - although it's still close to impossible for a program to figure out what SCUMM version a game file is, without you telling it - the SCUMM Decompiler, as it will probably be called when more scripts than CMI can be decompiled, will probably have to do it in a way similar to scummvm - by asking for it.

The user friendliness part:

1. Changing it to use an interface like SCUMM Revisited (in the original version you had to dump a block from SCUMM Revisited and then open it in the decompiler - or do a "Mass Decompile" to decompile all scripts in a resource file into a directory)

2. Allowing naming of variables, actors, rooms, objects, sounds, music etc. - when a script is compiled all those names are lost and replaced by numbers, so something like:
if (current-room == woodtick-bar) {
  say-line guybrush "I'm at the bar!"
... would turn into:
if (var31 == 13) {
  say-line 1 "I'm at the bar!"
Not quite as readable, eh? So, to get around that, SCUMM Decompiler would allow naming of most (if not all) the stuff that loses its name - pretty much like annotations in SCUMM Revisited.

- Serge
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