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Ok guys I'm some what new to Star Wars (Since the Specical editions came out) ,and I haven't read any of the books so If you think i need to know somthing go ahead and let me know.

Name: Janzeke Khan
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 19
Profession: Bounty Hunter / Guard of the New Mandalorian order.
Apperance: Dark skined, wears Black Mandalorian armor (simalar to Vizsla's) with grey,Silver sholder and knee pads. Black and Grey helmet with Dark Red trim.
Bio: He is not a Mandalorian By blood, his father gathered people young and old that looked up to Boba Fett and his people. So that they could from The New Mandalorian Order, they adopted the culture of the Mandalorians and became them. Janzeke is known to most as the most dangerous Mandalorian of the new order, he is a bit force sensitive enough to move small objects and he can send out a razor sharp wind from his hands which he uses to cut the lembs of his enemy. With a blaster in one hand and A lightsaber in the other Janzeke Khan vows to protect his people and ensure the Name Mandalorian in never lost again.

" I serve my fellow Mandalorians in our quest to recover from the near death of our race."
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