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Great here comes the 6 Billion Rupublic Decterian Man...

*Grendal knew of Cracken's plot to have himself cloned, that way
A: Cracken would be in prefect health and preform just as fast and effecient as his slightly older but yet still formidable apprenace Grendal.
B: Due to Cracken and Grendal being technically the same being, they'd look the same as well, so running an Empire wouldnt be easier to control.
C: And, now even if Grendal or Cracken dies, it wouldnt matter who would take over as Emperior, becuase the age difference is lessend so the if one died he'd fuse with the other living entity and become even stronger then both fighting along side each other...*

*At this thought, both Cracken and Grendal smirked with an insidious smile, knowing if the time came they had to, they would fuse without a second thought, all at the same time, LightYears apart.*
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